Other Irish Terriers
Pics of Irish Terriers from the past
Aon Of Dufdon1 Glenaugen Cailin's Anum Cara1 Mullaghboy Cailin's Windsong1 Glenaugen The Line Dancer Prince1
Glen Darby Maximum Overdrive1 Rogan's Hogan O'Cassidy1 Glen Darby Murphy1 O'Kerry's Fancy Chancy1
Glen Darby Hooligan1 Sheehan's Irish Hellion1 Glen Darby Spokesman1 David O'Dare1
Shawn Of Dawnaway1 Biry's Lord Of Trackways1 Prairyerth Arendian Lad1 Kalaneys Heir Apparent1
Glenaugen Patrick Tune1 Irish Rose Charladan's Chit1 Irish Rose Sarsfld Stargazer1 Irish Rose Sarsfld Deja View
Donedaire Star Sapphire Renvyle's Lily Lewara1 Galway's Rebel Devil1 Shamus Of Rockledge1
Fairplay's Raging Cajun1 Fairplay's Sonsy McCormack1 Fairplay's Selkie Rose1 Glenworth's Adh O' The Irishman1
Glenworth Superstar1 Glenworth's Erin1 Glenworth Minute Man1 Dearg Madra Eli Eli Oh1
Cassidy's Crackerjack1 Cassidy's So Cool MacCool1 O'Dare Cassidy's Racy Lacy1 Rogan's Hogan O'Cassidy2
Geordan's The Red Dahlia1 Begorra Sorrel Sheila1 Begorra Zodiac Zoe1 Begorra Wicklow Wayfarer1
Donedaire The Happy Wanderer1 Begorra Donegal Dennis1 Desrish Brigit1 Slemish Statesman1
Killarney's Mister Barnaby1 Rockledge's Roscoe1 Kinsala Rose Of Galway1 Gloccomara's Gathering Storm1
Mishaira Mist Of Erin1 Gloccomara Gallan CDX1 Haywire's Shard Of Erin1 Gloccomara Cochise1
Gloccomara Centrifugal Mama1 Gloccomara Dust Bowl Baby1 Gloccomara Yankee Dandy1 Gloccomara Star Spangled Boy1
Gloccomara Mama's Memory1 Gloccomara Myth Maker1 Gloccomara Mama's Madrigal1 Gloccomara Privateer1
Gloccomara's Brown Eyed Girl1 Gloccomara Movie Magnate1 Gloccomara Become My Baby1 Gloccomara Be My Baby1
Baystone Fire Baby1 Gloccomara Blazing Star1 Gloccomara Star Voyager1 Gloccomara Star Bright1
Gloccomara The Way I Am1 Gloccomara Baby Boy Spencer1 Gloccomara Requisite Memory1 Gloccomara Requisite Memory (a)1
Begorra Kilkenny Kelly1 Maplestar's Donegal Fancy1 Glennerin Colleen Care A Mee1 Asti's Raging Force1
Rough N Ready Moonbeam1 Begorra N-Drummer O'Donedaire1 Gloccomara Wishing Star1 Shamus The Tramp1
Ahtram Golden Chance1 Bally Riche Cave Canem1 Bally Riche Cayenne Pepper1 Bally Riche Guardian Angel1
Bally Riche Sara Riverdance1 Bally Riche Sirus Business1 Bally-Hoo Blaze1 BallyRiche Patent Pending1
Baystone Parallax View1 Begorra How's Jenny1 Begorra Jewel O'Donedaire1 Begorra Patrick O'Donedaire1
Ben's Heir Liz1 Blackacre Bailiff1 Blackacre Ballerina1 Blackacre Banshee1
annie1 Blackacre Belinda1 Blackacre Barrister1 Blackacre Bombshell1
Blackacre Born Again1 Blackacre Brairrose1 Blackacre Brehon1 Blackacre Brigadier1
Blackacre Brigand1 Blackacre Brimbrair1 Blackacre Brimstone1 Blackacre Bronze Nugget1
Blackacre Brown Bodhran1 Blackacre Busybody1 Blackacre Butternut1 Rough N Ready Rock N Roll1
Cara Mee Carrie Of Dungarvin1 Casey Muldoon Of Rockledge1 Christmas Caitlin Of Redloch1 Clare's Bridget Consid1
Clare's Red Helleborine1 Cocksure Casey The Delaware Diamond1 Cocksure Summer Breeze1 Cocksure's Mystic Diamond
Diamond's Irish Jackpot1 Donegal's Double Dare1 Donegal's Frolic1 Donegal's War Leader1
Dungarvin's Gruff Gillie1 Dungarvin's Danny Boy1 Dungarvin's Irish Amber1 Eireannoch's Encore1
Fairplay's Crocodile Curtsey1 Fairplay's Raging Cajun2 Glannagalt Dandy1 Glannagalt Jubilee1
Glannagalt Love Peace1 Glannagalt Patriot1 Glannagalt Perfection1 Glannagalt You Know Who1
Greencastle's Real McCoy1 Hawthorn Hollow Harbinger1 Kalaney's Gaelic Song1 Kelson's Blue Fire1
Kelson's Class Act1 Kelson's Sass With Class1 Kilvara Discovery1 Kilvara Magic  Master1
Kilvara Moonrush1 Laochragh's Classy Molly1 Longhill Hearts On Fire2 Maplestar's Double Take1
Maplestar's Kelly Of Donegal1 Muldoon's One More Time1 Rediens Gonna Get Cha1 Redloch Knight Errant1
Redloch's Gloccomara Scanlon1 Redloch's Headstrong Kate1 Redloch's Tout de Suite1 Redloch's Tyndall1
Redwatch's Mick Logan1 Redwatch's Mick Malone1 Rifineach Celtic Cailin1 Rifineach Rebel Rouser1
Rifineach Red Ruffian1 Rifineach Winter Storm Watch1 Riley's Tara Of Glenworth1 Rough N Ready Rock N Rollb
Rough N Ready Rock N Rollc Rough N Ready Roustabout1 Rough N Ready Wild Irishman1 Rough N Ready's Brian Boru1
Shanahy's Cinnamon1 Snowtaires Fleur de Lea1 Rockledge Encore O' Abernathy1 Rockledge's Ann Of Killarney1
Rockledge's Brian Browder1 Rockledge's Dr. Caius1 Rockledge's Fetching Bouquet1 Rockledge's Katie Me Darlin1
Rockledge's Kelly Ridge1 Rockledge's Moira O'Meath1 Rockledge's Ms Morgana1 Rockledge's Norah Ann1
Rockledge's Siobhan O'Goss1 Ahtram Golden Chance2 Ahtram Golden Smasher2 Ahtram Legacy1
Airlies Chitown Hustler1 Airlies F. McDillion1 Aj's Iriah Anna O Aran Isle1 Aj's Irish Forrest O Aran Isle1
Aj's Irish Livia O Aran Isles1 Aj's Irish Nancy O Aran Isle1 Aran Isle Outlaw Raparee1 Aran Isles Bold Thady Quill1
Aran Isles Gentle Annie1 Aran Isles Lady Cassie1 Aran Isles Mz Tandy1 Aran Isles Napper Tandy1
Aran Isles Red Haired Mary1 Aran Isles Waltzing Matilda1 Banteer Blackthorne1 Carris's Watch Me2
Carris's Watch Me1 Cashel Merger1 Cocksure Eye Of The Storm1 Cocksure Finnegan Of Dundalk1
Cocksure's Joey Kilmartin1 Cotton Hills Golden Sprite1 Culbahn Chancellor1 Dundalk's Brewer's Gold1
Dundalk's Dunn1 Dundalk's Scarlet O'Hara1 Dundalk's Shawn1 Dungarvin's Busy Bridie1
Dungarvin's Careyman1 Dungarvin's Dynamite1 Dungarvin's Miss de Meaner1 Glannagalt Now Peace1
Goswyre Music Man1 Green Starr's Gold Strike1 Kathy Killeen1 Kildies Banshee1
Kilkerry Sir Walter Reilly1 Kilvara Asterichi1 Kilvara Fitzpatrick1 Lynphen Express1
Magfhinns Baile Chais Dean1 MagFhinns Baile's Liam1 MagFhinns Bailes Padraig1 MagFhinns Calender Girl1
MagFhinns Centerfold1 MagFhinns Grand Slam1 Magfhinns Mollie Magee1 Magfhinns Pitterpat1
MagFhinns Playboy1 Maginns Casey Of Tipton1 Merrymick's Kevsue Mary1 Michael's Favorite Whisk1
Michael's Lone Star Sassy1 Mishaira Electra1 Mishaira Galic Star1 Mishaira Rustic Portadown1
Mullaghboy Annie Moore1 Mullaghboy Chip O'Shanty1 Mullaghboy Delagate1 Mullaghboy Honey Poppy1
Mullaghboy Mil O'Rockledge1 Mullaghboy's Devine Miss M1 Ni Fionnain's Caitlin1 O'Malley McGoo1
Renvyle's Banny Taig1 Rockledge's Bro Brenden1 Rockledge's Goss1 Rockledge's Mick Michael1
Rockledge's Mick Of Meath1 Rockledge's Murgatroyd1 Rockledge's Rowdy Siobhan1 Rynrik's Just Blame Me1
Rynrik's Miss Keely Of Kalaney1 Rynrik's Mr. O'Malley1 Rynrik's Rosemug Of Kalaney1 Sheehan's Irish Banshee1
Cocksure Addid Attraction1 Donedaire Star Sapphire1 Eireannochs Caradilis1 Flash Fire Mick Mugger1
Gloccomara Star Voyager2 Inisheer's Risa Of Rockledge1 Killian's Music Of The Night1 Redloch's Conan Warrior1
Asti's Raging Force2 Shanahy's Caitlyn1 Sheehan's Irish Imp1 Airlies Coole Mean Mikalean1
Airlies Clashmore Mike1 Airlies Denim 'N Diamonds1 Airlies Easy Money1 Airlies Good Company1
Bailecallaire Molly By Golly1 Cocksure Wexford Haymaker1 Emerald's Red Witch1 Emerald's Spellbound1
Emerald's Tailwind1 Foxglove Barnaby1 Gillmere Peg-O's Pride1 Gillmere's Blarney Stone1
Gillmere's Cameo Kate1 Glenn Kelly's Savannah1 Irish Rose Brandywine Babe1 Irish Rose Jersey Jackpot1
Irish Rose Keystone Lucky Lady1 Irish Rose Liberty Belle Boom1 Irish Rose Main Line Ms Irish Rose My Lionville Lass1
Irish Rose Ruff Ryder1 Irish Rose Sarsfield Sir Prize1 Irish Rose Sarsfield Startruk'r1 Irish Rose Sarsfield Supreme1
Katie Colleen Of Gilmere1 Oh! Patrick Darcy Rose1 Peg O'Myne Of Gillmere1 Irish Rose Sarsfield Shoo'nstar1
Sarsfield Spaceman1 Huntermoon Anticipation1 Huntermoon Taylor-Made1 Huntermoon-Custom Made2
Sheehan's Irish Heather1 Cocksure Tsunami1 Corkadoon's Pride1 Corkadoon's Raging Rebellion1
Guidaleen's Mac O'Rony1 Glenworth's Cara Mee O'Myne1 Magfhinn's Squeeze Play1 Irish Rose Sarsfld Starlit1
Airlie's Just By Chance1 Rockledge's Mick of Meath2 Dearg Madras Lady Is A Tramp2 Begorra Patrick O'Donedaire2
Baystone Mad Max1 Baystone's Murphy Brown1 Geordan's Hanging Chad1 Geordan's Mistress Of The Dark1
Glannagalt Watchfire1 Mavourneen's Pistol Pete1 Redloch's Glitter Gal1 Huntermoon Against The Wind1
Baystone Fire Flower1 Baystone Fire Flower2 Baystone Sweet Tang1 Cocksure Texas Attraction1
Cocksure Texas Attraction2 Baystone Firehawk2 Rhiannon Woodspirit Rhiannon Morning Star1
Rhiannon Baystone Firebug1 Huntermoon Express1 Gloccomara Celtic Scourge1 Huntermoon Sweet Cut1
Baystone Mama's Choice1 Baystone Western Fire Dancer Gloccomara Kate1 Gloccomara Tax Master1
Rough N Ready Holiday1 Kilkerry Harmoney Of Kalaney1 Longhill Hearts On Fire1 Baystone's Tara Rose1
Rough N Ready's Recruit3 Rhiannon Baystone Firebug2 George's Pal Duffy O'Dare1 McLough's Shannon Of CJ's1
O'Dare's Mc-Know A Nut1 Bran O'Dare1 O'Dares Kimberly1 Riley O'Dare1
Mc Mahon Clan's Liam O'Dare1 Jam JR Odares Mcdonald1 O'Dares Katie1 Irish Showstopper1
Gloccomara Magellanic Mama1 Rockledge Reginald Of Robust1 Mullaghboy Chip O'Shanty2 Bluffview Leader1
Riley's Cocksure Laoch1 Greencastle's Badb Of Renvyle1 Greencastle's Liza With A Z1 Greencastle's Real McCoy2
Greencastle's Gypsy Riley1 Shantytown Guided Missile1 Blackacre Brigadoon1 Patti's Martha Riley1
Shantytown Mudlark1 Denbryl's Brummy1 Ben's Heir Maureen1 Rockledge's Mick Michael2
Rockledge's Mick Michael3 Blackacre Briarrose1 Derish Kinnia1 Blackacre Brimstone2
Donegal's She's The One1 Kridan's Lady Sullivan1 Rough N Ready's Recruit4 Gloccomara Kate2
Gloccomara Kate3 Gloccomara's Gathering Storm2 Gloccomara Centrifugal Mama2 Loess Hill's Buadhach1
Begorra Laidr O'Donedaire1 Knocknarea's Nettie1 Rough N Ready's Recruit2 Glennkelly Maeve Of Rockledge1
Greenbriar Glismore1 Corkadoon's Raging Rebellion2 Greenbriar's Legacy1 Longhill Hearts On Fire3
Gloccomara Privateer2 Rockledge's Mick Of Meath3 Kalaney's Gaelic Song2 Cocksure Summer Breeze2
Merrymac Don't Blame Me1 Kilkerry's She's Ever Present1 Cocksure Summer Breeze3 Kalaney's Celtic Lyric1
Cocksure Summer Breeze4 Kalaneys Heir Apparent2 Gloccomara Be My Baby2 Prairyerth Margaret Adouren1
Gloccomara The Way I Am2 Gloccomara Baby Boy Spencer2 Redloch's Texas Twister1 Redloch's Twisted Sister1
Dearg Madra Road House1 Gloccomara W D Owl1 Gloccomara Polemicist Irish Classic1
Redloch's Razzle-Dazzle1 Gillmere's Gingersnap1 Geordan Star Cruiser1 Corkadoon's Pacific Legacy1
Begorra Glenagarey Grainne1 Begorra Jamie O'Donedaire1 Begorra Kilkenny Kelly2 Seamus Sinn Fein1
Samabel Lucinda O'Tipperary1 Lil' Shamrock O'Tipperary1 Fintona Molly Malone1 Bold Tadhy O'Tipperary1
Kilwinning Ever Sure1 Harvestime Sultry1 Derg Mr. Tipperary1 Derg Drum Major Of Coleraine1
Samabel Hey Hugh O'Tipperary1 Mariagh Monaghan O'Tipperary1 Cocksure Summer Storm1 Cocksure Stand'ard Bearer2
Cocksure Stand'ard Bearer1 Cocksure Summer Breeze5 Slemish Splendid1 Slemish Splendid2
Cocksure Joey Killmartin2 Harlem Shamus1 RusstoneO'Shaunessy1 RusstoneO'Shaunessy2
Harlem Patricia1 Harlem Masterpiece1 Knocklong Dandy1 Kelvin Glorious1
Galtee Rover1 Galway Blazer1 Blazer's Jim Casey1 Mackellen Magician1
Blazer's Cindy1 Blazer's Mack O'Mee1 Blazer's Miss Casey1 Blazer's Mary Ann1
Blazer's Blizzard1 Carris's Watch Me3 Millstreet's Loose Cannon1 Begorra Aran Archer1
Falcarragh Meg O'Rockledge1 Donedaire Star Sapphire2 Corkadoon's Pride And Joy1 Dearg Madra Eli Eli Oh2
Falcarragh Meg O'Rockledge(2) Rockledge's Ned Kelly1 Rockledge's Mr. Morgan2 Foxglove Kels1
Foxglove Barnaby2 Foxglove Kels2 Aran Isles Maeve O'Scolaidhe Banterr Gentleman's Promise1
Banterr Poetic Justice1 Rockledge's I Can Do It Myself(1) Mullaghboy Mil O'Rockledge2 Mullaghboy Marnie O'Moher1
Mullaghboy Ms Ruby Begonia1 Mullaghboy Bounty Tyrus1 Shanna M'Lady's Heir1 Mullaghboy Cover Girl1
Mullaghboy Bad'N Beautiful1 Mullaghboy Christmas In July1 Aran Isles Haul Away Joe1 Aran Isle Cayenne`
Scolaide's Martha O Aran Isle1 Aran Isles I Do D'Claire1 Aran Isles Four Leaf Clover1 Aran Isles Flanna Niscolaidhe1
Aran Isles Misty Lady1 Aran Isles Love Em Or Liam1 Glannagalt Dandy2 Slemish Rhanbee Jack1
Sheehan's Irish Attraction2 Sheehan's Irish Colleen2 Irish Rose Of Christmas Day1 Redloch Bonny Cally Colleen1
Kehoe's Beatrik Brennan1 Brennan's Call Me Dennis1 Begorra In Like Flynn1 Donedaire Begorra Olivia R1
Baystone Lizzy Orla1 Redlochs Jumping Jack Flash1 Leahy's Lad Of Redloch1 Oh! Patrick Woodrow1
Schatttenberg's Irish Aria1 Schatttenberg's Alfie1 Redloch's Texas Twister2 Huntermoon Wussteria1
Kelson's Miss Firecracker1 Baystone Firestarter1 Baystone Trackways Travler1 Dearg Madras Lady Is A Tramp1
Dungarvin's Aran Isles Puca1 Elizabeth Egan Of Tipperary1 Fairplay's Cajun Kiss1 Fairplay's Selkie Rose2
Falcarragh Cead Mile Failte1 Fleet St. Full Court Press1 Huntermoon Wussteria2 Shanahy's Spice1
Green Starr's Gold Strike2 Green Starr's Gold Strike3 Redoaks Rapidfire By Fleet St.1 Rockledge's Mr. Morgan1
Redoaks Rapidfire By Fleet St.2 Cocksure Summer Breeze6 Rough N Ready Wild Irishman2 Cashel Moonrise1
Cashel Merger2 Irish Ms1 Cocksure Katie Of Felsenhaus1 Erinmorn Dark Rosaleen1
She's Rough N Ready1 Cotton Hill Fionn Mac Cumaill1 Shamos Of Lymehills Kincora's Kerry-Ann Girl1
Irish Rebellion1 Mullaghboy Chip O'Shanty3 Mullaghboy Colin Murphy Mullaghboy Colin Murphy1
Mullaghboy Colin Murphy2 Carris's See Me Go1 Gloccomara Amazing Grace1 Riley's Irish Mist1
Mackellen Magician2 Inisheer Barnstormer1 Inisheer Genevieve1 Riley's Meggin O'Shay1
Sheehan's Irish Heather2 Kellmar Hunter's Dawn1 Kilvara Magic Master1 Snowtaire's Celtic Maeve
Kalaney's Celtic Harp1 Begorra Donedaire Omega1 Begorra Aran Archer2 Aon Of Dufdon2
Snowtaire's Bobby McGee1 Snowtaire's Jimmy McGee1 Clancy Macree Of Irish Myst1 Donedaire It's Windy1
Kells Aaron Shirlow1 NiFionnain's Sean O'Casey1 Mullaghboy Keely Of O'Mandel1 O'Kerry Foiler Of Fleet St.1
Corkadoon's I'm So Pretty1 Mullaghboy Miss Americian Pie1 Rockledge's M Fitzsimmons1 Braemoor's Emaerald Gemstone1
Cailin's Norah O'Toole1 Flash Fire Miss Feisty1 Fablin's Triple Threat1 Diamond's Highlander1
Diamond's Hit The Jackpot O'Shaunessy's Grady Moore1 Snowtaire Howard's Uptown Girl1 Gloccomarasirwalterhiggin1
Czar Take A Chance On Maggie1 O'Shaunessy's Red Rogue1 Bally Riche Millstreet Envoy1 Bally Riche Keystone Epic1
Celtic's Eddie Dougherty1 Karamell-In Juhannursuusu1 Donedaire's Army Of One1 Longhill  Zydeco1
Pepper Tree Michael Of Erin1 Dundalk's Golden Glow1 Glannagalt Anascaul Michael1 Haywire Russel Of Castlewood1
Irish Rebellion2 Kincora's Kerry-Ann Girl2 Riley's Irish Mist2 Shannon View Flashlight1
Mollie's Bonny Of Bluffview1 Red Star Von Der Frankenlerche1 Inisheer's Wimzcal Alchemist1 Culliedown's Dame Ryanne1
Professor Quill Of Inisheer1 O'Hara Caught Red Handed1 Armaghs Knockout1 Cocksure Brandie Ray-Sin1
Cocksure Grand Slam1 Connaught Micks Metaphors1 Donedaire's Amber Jewel1 Maurycaun Cocksure Hooligan1
Rough N Ready's Recruit(N) Rough N Ready's Recruit(O) Rough And Ready's Recruit(m) Donedaire Dungarvin All Star1
Geordan Anasta Twist of Fate1 Cotton HIll's Miss Erin1 Noble Nuala Of Derry1 Royal Bryson Ruler Of Derry1
Regal Rosemary Belle Of Derry1 Newtownards Aristocrat Rockmar Michael Killeen1 Fleet St. Firelight1
Gloccomara The Fire Next Time1 Kalaney's O'Flynn Fionnuala1 Geordan Tiger Lily1 Geordan's
Baystone Firehawk1 Baystone Firefox1 Gloccomara Trackways Shay1 Glenworth Irish Vixen1
Ennistymon Mike1 Ennistymon Bullseye1 Ennistymon Irish Elegance1 Hazel Anne Begorra1
KIlvara Discovery3 Merrymac X-Tra Special Edition1 Geordan Mistic Midnight1 Celtic's Darby O'Gill1
Fitzpatrick Of Rockledge1 Diamonds Morrigan1 Geordan Tiger Lily3 Geordan Tiger Lily2
Gloccomara The Fire Next Time(a) Huntermoon In The Nick Of Time1 Donedaire Wish Upon A Star1 Donedaire The Wayward Wind1
Donedaire's Abbey Rose Galeway's Harbor Master1 Donedaire N Trooper1 Gloccomara Trackways Shay2
Huntermoon Ruaidhri Mac Liam1 Bantry Bay Absolutely Seamus1 Begorra Aurora's Casssidy1 Diamond's Wild Irish Rois
Huntermoon Mighty Quinn Donedaire's Amber Jewel2 Geordan Star Cruiser2 Geordan Tiger Lily4
Ahtram Moon Prince1 Airlies Classy Cassy1 Dungarvin's Hell-Fire1 Eireannoch's Risky Business1
Emerald's Enchantress1 Dungarvin's Starfire1 Dungarvin Astro Of Dundalk1 Donedaire Begorra Rosy Red1
Donedaire Begorra Ruby Red Donedaire Celtic Son Donedaire The Happy Wanderer2 Donedaire's He's The Boss1
Karamell-IN Freezn'Clear1 Rockledge's Marco of Meath1 Galeway Gem'n I Sighting1 Galeway's Harbor Master2
Mullaghboy Mocha On The Money1 Dear Madra's Something To Talk About Gloccomara Polemicist1 Gloccomara Polemicist2
Baystone Fire Light Baystone Fire Stand'Ard Baystone Fire Stand'Ard2 Glenaugen's Finn-Ariel
Gloccomara The Fire Next Time2 Galeway Hunky Dory Gloccomara's Golden Mean(a) Gloccomara's Golden Mean
Redloch's Glitzy Ditz1 Dearg Madra's Solstice1 Kalaney's Friendly Persuasion1 Gloccomara Just in Time1
Gloccomara All Star1 Geordan Star Cruiser3 Barb's bitcha Baystone Celtic Fire1
Gloccomara Mama's Manes1 Gloccomara Trackways Shay3 Kerra Segersaell O'Rockledge1 Paladin Mystique1
Donedaire Fairplay Lady Kate1 Dearg Madra's Solstice2 Ballinruan Belle Baystone Fire Fly O'Geordan1
Baystone Fire Fly O'Geordan Cassidy's Maille by Golly1 Cocksure Addid Atraction1 Gloccomara All Star2
Irish Rose Sarsfield's Luna Lady1 Irish Rose Red Star Launcher1 Irish Rose of Christmas Day2 Irish Rose BallyCallar's Celt1
Gloccomara Trackways Shay4 Breezy's X-Tra Special Star1 Breezy's X-Tra Top Priority1 Joyce's Alter Ego At Sugarbush1
Diamond's Lady Arwen1 Diamond's Mistress Of Magic1 Huntermoon Ruaidhri Mac Liam2 Breezy's X-Tra Top Priority2
Gloccomara Stardust Express1 Greenbrair Blackthorn1 Blackacre Brigid1 Blackacre Brown Balladeer1
Diamond's Legacy1 Diamond's Lady Arwen2 Diamond's Dark Lord1 Redloch's Flash Dazzle1
Aran Isles Teagan Aran Isles Colin O Scolaidhe Aran Is' Scolaid's Jd O'Thistlstn1 Aran Isle's Noreen O'Scalaidhe1
Jackpot's Essence Of Erin1 Jackpot's Fiesty Fireball1 Jackpot's Little Earthquake1 Jackpot's Mick Schultz1
Jackpot's Red Zinger1 Jackpot's Keener Demeanor1 Gloccomara Jazzman1 Gloccomara Irish Confetti1
Gloccomara B-Movie Baby1 Gloccomara Muzak Master1 Gloccomara Legan's Dandy1 Rockledge's Marco of Meath2
Rockledge's Markham Of Meath1 Rockledge's Maya Of Meath1 Rockledge X-Traspecial Eadaoin1 Huntermoon Midnight Ryder1
Gloccomara Jazz Note1 Redloch's Razzle Fire1 Harrison Of Thistlestone1 Rockledge Anamcara Mia1
Redloch's Razzle Fire2 Galeway's Maiden Voyage1 Hazeldean's Gingersnap McMahon1 Neills Michealeen McMahon Clan1
McMahon Clan's Celtic Ceara1 Begorra Xtra Bold N Brassy1 Begorra Fianna Frolic1 Begorra Connemara Calypso1
Galeway's Whooz Dat Dare1 Galeway Nix's Mate1 Fairplay's See 'N Red Donedaire's Code Red1
Shamrock's Red's Sweet Leah1 Red Ruffian Regent Of Derry1 Bryneire's Kylie Of Rynrik1 Sarsfield's Superman1
Redloch's Bedazzled & Outfoxed1 Baystone Bit Of Flash1 Baystone Bit Of Flash Baystone Lizzy Orla2
Shamrock Red's Irish Bailey1 Shamrock Red's Sweet Becca1 Shamrock Red's Irish Bailey2 Oh! Patrick Dunigan1
Shamrock Red's Sweet Leah1 Shamrock Red's Sweet Leah2 Redloch's Gaelic Charm1 Fleet St. Fenway Fan1
Begorra Erinann Tiger Eye1 Begorra Barnaby1 Roselins Micouse1 Back Road Ready Set Go
Cocksure Tempest Corkadoon Sweet Memories Diamond's Tara Tru1 Fairplays Donedaire Milady Red
Fairplays Raging Cajun Galway's Devil In Disguise Galway's Warrior Of Destiny Glenstal's Bold N Beautiful1
Glenstal's Born Ready 1 Kalaneys Friendly Persuasion Kells Burnt Sienna Kells Tulsa Twister
Kelson's Classic Isis
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Kelson's Cochrann Limerick's Pretty Lady Maggie Merrymac's Bestseller
Mullaghboy Falcarragh
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Mullaghboy's Timothy O'Cavan O'shaunessy's Little Fire Redloch's Twisted Mister
Riley's Copper Legacy Snowtairies Sweet Wm1 Soctron's Hooley1 Spiritus Irish Jig1
Spokesman1 Starkdoms Ivan The Red1 Starkdom's Lone Star Lass1 Starkdoms Tralee1
Starkdoms Tralee2 Stately Lady1 Stormy Splendour1 Sugarbush Sensation
Sugarbush Sensation1 Sugarbush's American Girl Sugarbush's Kalaney Rose1 Sugarbush's Little Darin' Erin1
Sugarbush's Little Red Fox1 Sugarbush's Maggie Cridhe Mcgee Sugarbush's Ms Vixen Sugarbush's Playing For Keeps1
Sugarbush's Rocket's Red Glare1 Sugarbush's Sweet Emerald Beat Sunkist Sedona Red Rocksolid1
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Sunny's Hurricane Hannah1
Sunny's Lady Bug1 Sunny's Miss Mulligan1 Sunny's Pretty Queen1 Sunny's Pretty Queen2
Sunny's Ransomed1 Sunny's She-Nanigins1 T.S.C. Curly Sue Of Irish N.D Taglito's Garryowen1
Taramara's Emerald Beach Baby1 Tarcrest Dirty D At Snowmist1 Tarcrest O'Reilly Red1 Teddy Roosevelt Of Irish Rose1
Telstarr John Henry1 Telstarr Ya Gotta Believe2 The Ginger Man1 The Irishman's Joy Ride1
The Irishman's Justa Red Head1 The Irishman's Lucky Chance1 The Irishman's Lucky Penny1 The Irishman's Lucky Strike
The Irishman's Miss Rockledge1 The Irishman's Mr Rockledge1 The Irishman's Mr Rockledge2 The Irishman's Pride And Joy1
The Irishman's Rolling Stone1 The Irishman's Shamrock Kid1 The Queen's Ransom1 The Queen's Ransom2
Theiss Dorsey Murphy Bush1 Thistlestone Lady Lucy Thistlestone's Miss Molly Tim Toolan O'Tipperary1
Tipperary Killian's Red1 Tipperary Pooka O'Riley1 Tipperary Riley's Vision Quest1 Tipperary Riley's Vision Quest2
Tipperary's Terrance O'Riley1 Topsham Traveler1 Trackways Again And Again1 Trackways An' She's All That
Trackways An' She's All That1 Trackways Aunt Nettie1 Trackways Bodacious Damsel1 Trackways Bodacious Damsel2
Trackways Cactus Kate1 Trackways Cinnabar1 Trackways Darby Whirlwind1 Trackways Finale1
Trackways Finn Again1 Trackways Finn Ness1 Trackways Gilligan Red1 Trackways Grin And Bear It1
Trackways Kelly Muldoon1 Trackways Made To Order1 Trackways Me-Know A Blessing1 Trackways Mona Erin1
Trackways Ms Molly Malone1 Trackways Red Man1 Trackways Ruby Redcoat1 Trackways Saramac1
Trackways Shamrock Red1 Trackways Shamrock Red2 Trackways Shamrock Red3 Trackways Shamrock Red4
Trackways Shamrock Red5 Trackways Shamrock Red6 Trackways T Party1 Trackways Takeover Bid1
Trackways Tapestry Of Legacy1 Trackways Terra Cotta lla Trackways Terry1 Trackways That-s It1
Trackways The Magician1 Trackways Thermal1 Trackways Thistle1 Trackways Time After Time1
Trackways Trade Mark1 Trackways Trade Mark2 Trackways Trademark Paddy1 Trackways Tradition1
Trackways Tralee Merrie O'Kerry1 Trackways Treasure1 Trackways Triona1 Trackways Trudy O'Farrell1
Trackways Trust Fund1 Trackways Tumbleweed Tess1 Trackways Turbulance1 Trackways Windwalker1
Trademark's Jordana1 Trademark's Vindicator Tralee Folly Of Trackways1 Tralee's Amber After Glow1
Tralee's Angel In Disguise1 Tralee's Aristocrat1 Tralee's Gingerbread Boy1 Tralee's Ginny Dare1
Tralee's Ginny Dare2 Tralee's Ginny Dare3 Tralee's Hogan McGraw1 Tralee's Hurricane Kid1
Tralee's Hurricane Kid2 Tralee's Kerry Dancer1 Tralee's Meghan Of Corkadoon Tralee's Paddy Dear1
Tralee's Rave On O Firecreed1 Tralee's Red Clover Blossom1 Tralee's Rememberance1 Tralee's Rip Tide1
Tralee's Rip Tide2 Tralee's Rowdy Red Tralee's Rowdy Red1 Tralee's Rowdy Red2
Tralee's Rufus Fergus1 Tralee's Sally Forth1 Tralee's Selim Leary1 Tralee's Storm Warning1
Tralee's Storm Warning2 Tralee's Storm Warning3 Tralee's Trackways Echo1 Tralee's Whirlaway1
Trkwys Cassidy Jump For Joy1 Tudex Mtnayres Lady Faolin1 Tudex Trackways Territory1 Tudex Trackways Territory2
Tudex Trackways Territory3 Tudex Trackways Territory4 TudexMtnAyres Spellbound1 Wahoo Satellite1
Wexford Crossroads Ceili1 Windeire Daybreak Windeire Daybreak1 Windeire Double Trouble1
Windeire Nor'easter1 Windeire Northern Jet Stream1 Windeire Northern Jet Stream2 Wogil Antville Taverod1
Wogil Melody Maker1 Woodley Spright Durgin Rose1 Woodley's Morgan Irish Rose1 Woodley's Oh! Shea Can You See
Woodley's Pinch Me Clover1 Wussteria's Inner Light1 Wyrelee Little Bit O Luck1 Wyrelee Top O The Morning1
X-Tra Special Kalaney Girl X-Tra Special Kalaney Girl1 Akins Fire In The Hole Airlies Life of Riley
Aran Isles Scolaidhes JD O'Thistlestone Another Norah All-Erin's All Eyes On Bronwyn Kalaney's Rhapsody In Red
Fiona Greenbriar Carlbeth Donnybrook's Red Rascal Dayspring's Doctor Pepper Bluffview Inisglen Red Moon
Denbryl's Tina Of Lymphen Blackacre Brehon Blackacre Banker Antrim Clancy
Begorra Wicklow Wonder Baystone Fire Flash1 Baystone Fire Flash(e) Baystone Fire Flash3
Baystone Fire Flash2 Limerick's Maria Eva Duarte De Peron Limerick's Luck Of The Irish Rockledge's Pacific Mist
Laochragh's Clancy Galway Bit  O Honey Hill's Mullaghboy Gael Warning Mullaghboy Cinnamon Boo
Devilaire's Pixie Glenstal's Great Exemplification Mullaghboy McDuff Of Jo Jac Irish Rose Aran Isles Luna Light
Horsinaroung Princess Abigail Rockledge's Micah Of Meath Breezy's Redhawk Jack Clancy Breezy's Uptown Girl
Breezy's Fannie O'Banahan Breezy's X-Tra Special Request Geordan's Gaudy Irons O'Fire Derry, Life Of Riley
Dearg Madra's Breo Slemish Superb Kells Fire Storm Rockledge Rory Ridire
Redoak Rainstorm By Fleet St Rockledge's Big Red One Redloch's Twisted Tale2 Redloch's Twisted Tale1
Red Branch Mystic Druid Red Branch Ayfa Warrior Randolph's Sir Guthrie Randolph's Gilda Girl
O'shaunessy's Celtic Wonder Limerick's Lass Lupone Of Broadway Lord Patrick of Thistlestone Kalaney's O'Flynn Fionnuala
Kalaney's Trooper Jamestown Lad Irish Rose of Christmas Day Innishfree's Abaigael
Harrison Of Thistlestone Harlem Masterpiece Glenstal's Bring It On Glenstal's Bold N Beautiful
Glenaugen Celtic All That Jazz Gillmeres Blazer Barney Gingerbread's Sugar N Spice Galtee Rover
Galeway Northest Harbor Fleet St. Firelight Fleet St. Firebird Fleet St. Fenway Fan(2009.04.03 Trap Falls KC)
Fleet St. Faith Rewarded Falcarragh Tir Connail Falcarragh Grace O'Mally Fairplays See N Red
Donedaire's Donegal Dandy1 Donedaire's Diamond In The Sky1 Donedaire's Ballad Of Troy1 Donedaire Fairplay Angel Mine1
Donedaire Defoxy Lady Diamond's Wild Irish Rois1 Diamond's Tara Tru2 Dearg Madras Stormy Weather
Dearg Madra's Sona Cailin Dearg Madra's Something To Talk About Dearg Madras Rhyme Or Reason Dearg Madra's Foolish Pleasure2
Dearg Madra's Prince Of Thievs Dearg Madra's Foolish Pleasure1 Dearg Madra's Bewitched Dearg Madras Beau Brummell
Dearg Madra Connor's Pass Manifested Celtic's Jesse Carrantouhills Patty-O Carrantouhills O'Bee
Carrantouhills Lets Get Goin Carrantouhill For Fleet St Brick Top Laddybuck Braemoor's Skibbereen
Braemoor's Game Of Chance Braemoor's Emerald Gemstone Braemoor's Elphin Magic Braemoor Eire Borne Madah
Begorra Aurora's Kelly1 Ballywood Beau Brummel Ballyhoo Bouncer Bally Riche There N Back Again
Donedaire's Code Red Ballycallar Cocksure Keara Ballycallar Irishrose Legacy Greencastle's Bronze Idol
Gloccomar Burning Bush1 Greencastle's Storm Flag Flying Irish Myst's Shillelagh Kalaney's Celtic Encore
King Mickel Of Mount Kelvin Rifineach Ramblin Red Ryan Rose O'Day's O'Boy Rifineach Red Sky Morning
Rose O'Day's Red Lady Rose Of Thistlestone Snowtaire N All-Erin's  I Do De Clair Snowtaire N All-Erin's Sweet William
Snowtaire's Fleur De Lea Airlies Bally Cor Airlies Classy Cassy2 Airlies C Waterford Shamrock1
Airlies Fantastic Voyage1 Airlies Good Sport1 Airlies Kilrush Kid1 Airlies Liza Rainbow Dancer1
Alchemy Brenden The Bold Anasazi Murphy Brown1 Anamcara Aidan And Abetting1 Deara Madra's Was Meant To Be Murphy
Glenstal's Standing Ovation Donedaire's Emerald Of Erin Donedaire's Donegal Dandy O'Flynn's Clodagh - Take a Bow
Anamcara Margaret O'Hooligan Celtic's Danny Boy MerrymacGoingToTheTop Ch Keillor Effective bred by Alec Martin